Finished your Remodel…Now What?

bathroom remodel

How to keep the remodel feel all year round…

There is no better feeling than standing in your newly finished remodel home or room. Even though the construction team has left, and everything seems perfect, there are a few things you need to do after your remodel. These issues will be able to help keep the house in the pristine condition you prefer it to be.

The first task you should do is to ask your contractor about maintenance. They have put some fantastic features and appliances into your home, but to keep them in good condition they will need some specific maintenance. Your contractor is the best person you can turn to get all your information on those features. Another essential task to do after your remodel is to register any new warranty items. After spending the money on you remodel, you would hate to spend more on a repair on an appliance that could be under warranty. Read more »