Client Testimonials

Hear from Phoenix area business owners and homeowners that have gone through the building or remodeling process for either residential or commercial services with Hawk Builders and their testimonials.

What our past clients have to say


Hawk Builders and I have been working together since March 2012. Since this time, we have completed numerous remodel and addition projects to include a 12-unit condo conversion. Homes have ranged from $100,000 to well into the millions. Hawk Builders has consistently delivered top-quality craftsmanship and met the strict deadlines that I require. They stand behind their work and exceed all expectations.
I can and do confidently recommend them to anyone looking for a great contractor who will get the job done on time and within budget. I had previously gone through 4 contractors in the previous 2 years. Once Hawk Builders and I had begun working together, they earned my loyalty and respect. They are the only contractor I will use.
-Bill Knutson


We met Hawk Builders literally from calling off a sign in our neighborhood. He was out of 3 contractors requested to provide a bid for our extensive Paradise Valley, AZ construction project. His bid was the only bid that was line-item estimated. After 6 months of construction, I have gone back through the bid and almost every line item was LESS than he had originally estimated.
He has been hyper-vigilant to the details, ensuring we are kept up to date with the schedule, abreast of any changes or problems and incredibly accommodating to our ever changing design items. I have not felt like I have needed to micromanage the project nor concerned about any issue that he hasn't instantly resolved.
It is clear that our satisfaction and pure joy of the completion of our project is his utmost concern. Given the alternatives of how this project could have gone, I cannot say enough as to how important finding a quality contractor is nor how highly I would recommend Hawk Builders!

-Leslie Nilsen
Onyx Paradise Valley, AZ


It is with great confidence that I put forward this recommendation of Hawk Builders and Keith Brous. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Hawk Builders over the past year through a variety of construction and modernization projects, and it is Mr. Brous' integrity and commitment to his clients that I can recommend him highly and without reservation.
What can you expect from Hawk Builders is a streamlined, honest process build upon open communication and thorough market/industry knowledge that dramatically simplifies the construction process. They are a partner to be relied upon from the start, in the concept/budget development phase and on through the life of the project. Our vast experience with Keith Brous/Hawk Builders is just one example of the commitment that they have made in developing lasting relationships built upon integrity and mutual respect.
Their commitment to quality and understanding of the importance of a time restriction makes them a great partner in arriving at solutions to budget constraints, helping to meet the financial, functional and aesthetic goals of a project. They are proven stewards of an owner's money, steadfastly adhering to strict budget constraints and schedules. With all of the vastly different project goals (and great room for error) that our firm has worked on together, each one of them has been a success.
I welcome any specific inquiries to support my recommendation of Hawk Builders.

-Travis Wicks
Loan Officier/Capital Contact


I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Keith Brous with Hawk Builders. Keith has been great to work with on our 203K rehab transactions. He is professional and courteous to our clients and is always efficient in getting what we need to get the job done. His estimates for rehab are always fair and he works diligently to accommodate our clients. I'm always happy when he is working on any of our transactions.
-Rita Wensel


Hawk Builders LLC remodeled our office space in the hot summer of 2012. The managing owner, Keith Brous, was organized, flexible, reliable, and understood our contemporary design aesthetic. Since we couldn't close our business, we put together a two-phase plan to refinish our concrete floors, paint, install the custom built-in cabinet, replace our drop ceiling, and to totally overhaul our bathrooms. They made this process as enjoyable as possible while we conducted out daily tasks. This renovation changed how our clients view our business and it could not have been possible without Hawk Builders!


Hawk Builders is my go-to contractor for interior design projects. As a designer who leans toward modern and contemporary design, it is important to have a contractor that understands the genre and is detail-oriented. Unlike other design styles, modern design is stripped down to the essentials and there is no room for error. Construction must be clean and precise. I have appreciated the quality of work provided by Hawk Builders and look forward to working with them again in future projects.
-Liz Taylor


Hawk Builders were hired to do a remodeling project in a new factory location for my company. The project involved the use of architects for design and analysis, pulling permits, arranging for subs and working to stringent schedules so manufacturing interruption would not occur. We found Hawk to be exemplary in all aspects of the project. Their response to problems, quick and accurate communication of details and coordination of all groups hired to work this project was fantastic. I could count on Hawk to work the project and deal with issues, schedules and the city which allowed me to focus on the business without worry. The subs that Hawk chose to use for electrical, HVAC, drywall, finishing and painting were experts in their areas with a commitment to workmanship and quality. Our punch list at the end of the project was literally 3 or 4 items. They were all minor and were completed in a manner of a few hours time. I would definitely hire Hawk for any building project.